The hard part, for me, is to stay away from weed, when all three of the guys that I live with in the apartment, are smoking all day, every day.
I mean this is complete bullshit. They wake up at five in the afternoon, start smoking untill midnight or so, and then they are to stoned to do anything. I usualy make copyes of the notes I take in class for them, allthough they never read them, not to mention study once in a while.

The ONLY time I smoked, was a night, when after reading some drug related material here and in other places, I decided to try. It felt funny, and I was happy and laughing all the time. The sad part was when I tryed to do some work but my brain was to fucked up to do anything, so I went to sleep. But I guess, I inhale it every day, since all the fucking apartment is filled with smoke. I have to leave my window open 24/7 and put air refreshers all over my room.

500,000 Bentley you perhaps get second honors at school and for now you might be able to go a few months without weed easy. But then you'll grow up, and the more you smoke the more addicted you become. And when you realize that you have to quit maybe it will be to late, or will be very fucking hard.

I have seen the efects of drugs, on the guys I live with, and I think that in the end drugs will fuck your life, if you don't know when to stop, and I agree with everything that $in_tax said : Drugs WILL change you, and in my opinion it's a very bad change.