yes, well, people stop dissing, everyone knows that drugs are bad and if you dont eventually quit you will be fucked for life and even short term use will have some negative effects. im going to quit when i get to college when i will start drinking, but untill then, im going to smoke my way through high school.

favorite kind of weed- I smoke only the highest quality hydroponics that are home grown in the USA. This stuff is so dank when you open an eighth you can smell it across the room. It has no seeds, has no stems, its good stuff. a very slight minty flavor.

my favorite method of smoking is with my friends glass bong because all you get is the smoke, all the really nasty shit is filtered in the water. Although i recently discovered that they sell hookas at the mall and i think im going to buy one of those. fyi-in the movie half baked they had a hooka.

favorie weed, so many to choose from!
The Weed Song by Bone Thugs n Harmony only because i downloaded the video and its great