You guys are so funny.

You tear each other apart on these boards like you are so 1337. Now I myself claim nothing of being better than anyone on here, But, if you have been in this sceen less than a year... ha ha ha When I see you flame some new guy...

I think. What a fucking tard. Here is this total newb flaming another newb. And another thing about it is most times I KNOW you guys can't answer the other guys question.

Now I know of 2 of you I stood up for in here. You both flamed each other. Let me put it this way...

You are both n00bs. You get no respect that way, you get no props, and you are wasting bandwidth. Pull the dildo out your ass and read a post before you flame it. If you are new don't bother flaming because you look dumber than the guy who originaly posted.

You will get respect when you have proven knowledge or a skill. Flaming is a skill, but if that is all you do you are an ass hole. not a hacker.

<img src=" title="" src="graemlins/laugh.gif" />