black^Pimp: "And btw pergesu, from the beggining i was probably one of the nicest guys around here.. who didn't flame anyone or anything. But one day SR really opened up my eyes, he made realize something then i kinda changed my attitude, i'm good to those who're good to me, if you respect me, i respect you, if you disrespect me i'll disrespect you.."

I just now read that. Didn't see it before. If you want to become more like me and have an attitude, just don't go overboard. I don't swear at people and call them dumbasses all the time. I don't do it often either. However you have been going on this rampage lately and people are noticing and not appreciating it.

black^Pimp: i know him, the guy is a fuckin geek, i bet he didn't understand half of you guys, can't you see he can't even type in english ?

if you ever see me act like that, let me know
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