Wow Boris, you will reak your revenge 'eh?

Lets review for everyone why you supposidly hate me now... You stole artwork from DK which is one of our affiliates, and posted it on your bulletin board as your own, then you had posted a link on UGN Security to the said work.

I removed your link and closed your post.

You emailed me threatening me

Here is the message sent by Boris:

Subject: Good Day.

I shall be back....if you have ever heard of you know whats gonna happen soon...

till then-Ta Ta my best regards.....And to think I respected you and this site at one time.....
Good Day....well I LOVE YOU COMRADE......Now does that scare you.....(boris is extremly pissed and WILL get revenge for what you did)(Boris wonders why he is talking to himself in third person....)

See ya soon.....
To which I replied:
Pardon? Youíre stealing content from our site and other sites and placing the work as your own. This work was created by users through many hours of work and hard work at that, yet you state that I did something wrong by telling you to stop? If you care to threaten me feel free, I welcome the challenge, but keep in mind that the outcome is your doing, I just wanted you to stop spamming stolen work as your own, and you over reacted.

Good luck,
I also mailed a follow up after reading this post:

Also Boris, please check the post that you had opened;f=18;t=000221#000001 for any responses, Iím sorry to see you leave, and we did appreciate seeing you around, youíre a very smart individual who I believe would be a welcome addition to UGN Security, sorry to know that illegal acts on your part would result in you resigning from UGN Security. Youíre welcome back at any time.

Its amazing that someone would not follow the rules, we're a legal place, therefore relaying images or items that are protected by copyright laws would be illegal to show, yet he just had to push things, and instead of having a discussion with me he threatens me, takes everything out of context, then resigns on UGN Security...

Its funny, how he resigns and all, especially since he has no power at UGN Security, well at least if he did he woudln't have done what crime did... And to think, I liked this boris.

And a note to boris, We all do what we must in life, but we always must recall that our outcome from our actions is our own fault. If you're ever wanting back at UGN Security just ask, as for now we'll let you go with your empty threats.

Thank you all for your time,
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