Gizmo you replied to all what did in a best reasonable way and to say better.. you acted too good which you shouldn't do.

Man you did your part, he wants to fuck around so let him do it... he did something he shouldn't and he got what he deserved. As you said all this is legal on UGN Security.

He can threaten you much as he wants, but good for him that he ain't threatin me, he'll get his azz wide kicked. Who the fuck does he think he is damnit >?

Boris if you think you're such a tough guy and so powerfull, why don't you leave Gizmo alone and come for me huh ? you want revenge huh ? hehe...

You're so funny really.

P.S. he's after to hack UGN Security...

people, to good guys be good, to bad ones.. GIVE EM HELL BOYS !!!

+^Born Intelligence