Starting a website that will custom build computers for you. For the first few months, there will be very little customization available probably and also, few models to choose from. This is because the startup costs are very high, even to carry a limited amount of hardware on hand. I would appreciate all your feedback on what you look for when buying a custombuilt/prebuilt PC online. I will list what we are comtemplating. Any suggestions or even example sites are wanted!

1] 6 Basic Models to choose from which may be customized further. OFFICE, SCHOOL, MEDIA, GAMER, BUDGET, TOP OF THE LINE. I believe these will cover all the major markets, let me know if I am missing something
2] From the above models you will be able to customize everything.
3] Pictures and explanations available for each peice of hardware. So you know what you are getting and what exactly it does. Would you want benchmarks?
4] Preinstalled OS, Office Suite, Antivirus. You can also choose to have none of this installed. Oses will be all MS OSes and Linux Distros.
5] Systems can have option (at no cost) of running for 24-48hrs before shipment. To further guarantee no surprises will occur. According to A+, first 48hrs a computer is up and running, tend to be very telling.
6] Warrranty for 1yr no charge. Also free online/phone tech support 8hrs,5days.
7] Optional extended warrantees and 24/7 tech support at a low reasonable cost.
8] Later on, send in a design, and we will laser cut case. Would ppl be interested in this one? Any other BIG modding type things that people desire?
9] Shipment in 3-5 days. This is time limit for big companies even. We could possibly offer 24hrs for certain models. But sure ppl would rather have 24-48hrs testing time before shipment.
10] Online job notice. You get emails after order is shipped. Can check after website to see if system pending, in building process, in testing process(and time left), and when shipped (+tracking number)
11] Not alot of places do this I don't believe, but a courtesy call after arrival to verify all is ok.
12] ##-point inspection will be listed so we know you can be sure your computer is fully functional.

Now, you will notice alot of this isn't technical. With the amount of custom/pre sites on the net, I believe support and reliability comes directly after costs. So let me know of any suggestions tech-wise, service-wise, etc.

If there is one thing out there that really sells to you, or that you would like to see out there, let me know. This will be up in a few months, any feedback that is incorporated into site, will result in you being offered discounted, if not free, hardware/system.

Though of some more things:

13] Auto-Restore (insert CD/DVD and have system back to where it was when received (drivers, config, software,etc) with a few clicks.
14] Auto-Update (don't know enough coding to do this myself, but for now, could email individuals when new drivers for system released and direct link in email to downloads. wouldn't be too tough to have a n app do this on their computer @ startup)
15] Documentation. Would include a diagram on complete installation from opening box to booting into OS.
16] Referrals can result in 50$ off your next system per referral or something similar. After all, for small companies, word-of-mouth would be the cheapest and most effective advertising.

Autoupdate may be free or subscription based depending on what type you get perhaps. Autorestore can cost 20 dollars and that includes ability to receive updated drivers on a CD monthly or something like that. Could include in the util the tech support software to contact a rep. Similar to an IRC client pretty much


Just buy a small dremel, then you can customize cases, they cost anywhere from $20-$100, the more expencive the better quality.

Actually, your shipping time is faster than most "big companies" for my laptop it took about a month.

It all in all sounds kind of cool, perhaps we can have a UGN Security System ... A dedication to your god, err i mean, to your hero
I would go the dremmel route, but I believe we have a laser cutter at our disposal. Hmm, but only in one of our locations, so will have to check out the dremmel. Some ppl live and die by those things

This all sounds like alot and will take alot of planning, but as of now, I think it will be easier and benefit from the fact we will be a smaller company.

As for a UGN Security system, maybe a linux or something that comes hardened already or a small hardware firewall box, bearing the UGN Security logo, etc