Warranty is number 6. 1yr free, 2years $100, 3years $100 for 2yr plus 50. Something like that

I would totally agree on the burn in. It would be an option selected by default and only if they select 24hr turn around, will they not have the burn in, but it would warn them on the page of that.

And for the QuickRestore, what makes those other ones suck? J/C so we don't do the same.

Thanks Perg


Circuit City and other big companies donít include a windows (OS) CD with the system anymore, my guess is they get major discounts for not including the cd so people cant easily make copies of windows,
Will you be doing this?
Chem - Er, haven't got a puter in a while. Wth do they give you then? Just a restore disk? I am pretty sure we would include all software on a CD. I mean you paying for it, you entitled to it.