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I got another idea, I figure after this thread dies down, I will edit the first post will all suggestions and who did them, then I will try to prioritize according to need and ROI for that feature.

17] Custom Built PC
Now you are all saying, "WTH, most sites do this already!" Nope, I mean yuo can have a user specify via hardware or usage. Ex, checklists like

[X] Burn CDs
[x] Store MP3s
[x] Watch DVDs
[x] Sound System

[x] Office Suite
[x] CAD

[x] Dialup
[x] Webserver
[x] ISDN

And so on, and what this does is for each of these we will add so much harddrive space, addons, RAM, etc. So you can pick what things you want to be able to do and the system specs will change accordingly. I haven't seen this anyone really, and I think it will soften the customPC learning curve even more, NOW they won't even need to worry about what hardware requirements. Of course, they can see with a click what each option adds hardware wise and still review the system specs once reconfigured for the new settings they choose