OK. But lets say that there are 5 guys with guns. Two of them have used them already. One of them, you already beat the shit out of, and you gave the gun. Now you have to decide, who is the biggest threat and who should you take out. And also, Saddam's gun is not pointed at US.

The thing is, of course, you would go for the guys who have shown you the guns, shown a capacity to use the guns, and openly said they will use them on anyone who gets in the way?

I would rather do that then confront the guy that had a gun before, used it on others after asking our permission, and currently does not have their guns "loaded".

I totally get your point. I am just saying there are bigger threats. And that isn't by opinion. We know of several countries who have publicly said they dislike us, have used the weapons on other countries recently, etc. And I am sure Saddamn doesn't like us, but seriously, have you even heard a threat of retaliation from him? I haven't. He seems to be as passive now, as they come.

Also, we plan to take the guy out with the gun, but we will not remove the guns. We will simply give the gun to another person and say hey, listen to us. Just like we did with the guy we initially removed it from.

So I am questioning threat, motive, and actions that will result after the war.

Also going over and blowing up his house, when his friends already hate us, will simply result in a "gang retaliation". And they think we are their archenemies in other countries. So we will simply be asking for much more ppl and independent terrorists to have fuel added to the fire.

Think. Saddam hasn't attacked us. But us doing this will result in more corruption over their and definitely more animosity towards us. Resulting in more people willing to use their guns against us.

As for the economy. It is doing very bad. Markets are down, unemployment is very high. And we have a president dumping 200 billion dollars and US troop lives into a foreign region. You have to notice that getting the OIL will not make we the people rich. As you saw above, it will be divided among a few powerful people. We should focus on our domestic economy now.