This is not my letter. I fond it funny and decided to share. I do most of this. I do not sit to piss unless I feel lazy or am drunk. I do not jack off in the shower.

I do,

Make dinner
Do the dishes
Fix computer issues(no shit right)
Make beds
Get my daughter dressed
take out the trash
Do some shoping
Pick the kid up from daycare(split with wife)
Comute 1 hrs (was 5 years of 2 hrs) each way to work in grid lock traffic listening to the same songs over and over
Read to my daughter nightly(Girlie can confirm that)
Get my daughter to brush her teeth and her hair
Used to rake the leaves (no yard now)
No garage
I do put away the dishes if done
I do blow my nose in the shower and yes make sure it goes down the drain
I do all heavy lifting...

Man the list goes on. The wife and I often share some chores lised, but when you get married... Its kinda like most of it needs to get done. Now you can make your wife do it all, but after a while the bitching and nagging gets too much to take that you ather just do the fucking work.

Then you get more than your fair share. She gets her payback time. After a few years of the pecking order game it kind of balances out a little. But yea, men get the short end of the stick.

We are expected to

1.) Provide most of the house income(work all day)
2.) "Share equally the house hold chorse" after work mind you
3.) after a shity day at work sit and listen to todays fucking tragedy in her life and act like you give a shit about who said what to who
4.) Do all the outside work(not included in "equal" division of chores)
5.) deal with a drop in sex you have not face since before puberty
6.) deal with being alienated from your friends because they "are not on your level anymore"
7.) fix the cars(not included in "equal" division of chores)
8.) Be a good father and not be stressed out about anything in front of the children
9.) Deal with whining and crying 24/7 Oh the kids might wine and cry too
10.) Fight daily to save 1 spot in the house to set your shit. one god damned table that isn't foo fooed out with flowers and nick nacks and shit. One spot to put your keys wallet and suicide note

But yea. Enjoy single life, american women are spoiled bitches that change as soon as the ring goes on. Once married with kids, forget it. you have minimum 18 years dealing with someone who says they love you and talk shit about you to every person who will listen. They say they love you but only seem to bitch at you or remind you of what you want but can't do because "You are now married"
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