heh, of course I'm right. Also keep in mind that this is a ground based laser. In order for the ship to fly, a laser must be shot from the ground into the air against the underside of the ship. It is the mirrors on the bottom of the ship that takes this laser light and focuses it to heat the air into a plasma and explosive state.

It also spins really fast to keep it going straight gyroscopically. That means it is only capable of vertical travel and only in the atmosphere - not space.

However, there is also a microwave based travel which actually DRAWS the ship TO its destination. That means the space station can have some kind of microwave transmitter that will draw these microwave vehicles from the surface of the planet up to the space station. If you're too lazy to go read it and are curious about a little more details as to how it works (like I explained with the laser based vehicles) then I'll do so. Why? Cause I forgot, and I'll be interested in reading it again if somebody cares.
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