Well what I meant by not being able to affect anything is that let's say you go back 5 seconds. I mean that whatever you try to do it doesn't do anything. I don't really know what I mean completely. Right now, you can't change something that happened in the past because you aren't in the past, you are here in the present. I was just thinking that since you can't change the past now that maybe you wouldn't be able to go back and change it. And if there are infinate universes, I think that they would all steam from the same beginning but each one is a single variation which changes it from then on...like the difference between this universe and the next universe might be me hitting backspace. And then if that were true then maybe if you went back in time you would actually be shifting universes if you could change something and went forwards in time. I don't know...maybe it is all just stuff i think should go in scifi books. Ever see the Langoliers? Never read the book though.

Yeah I see what you mean on the time thing with the light, but still wouldn't that mean that if the thing creating the light went faster than than the speed of light and then slowed down or something that the observer might see something happen backwards for a little while? I am not really paying much attention to what I am saying so maybe after I post if i think about it it will be more obvious or maybe this won't make any sense.

Another thing...is light considered to be (by the majority) a continuous wave kind of thing, or a broken particle kind of thing? I had always heard wave but i have heard particle a few times too. Heh..just going on. But if the light is created and moves one speed, then whatever is creating it catches up to it and is ceating light could more than one wave/particle (or whatever) of light be in the same place? I don't really know what all I am asking, just wondering.

I get what you meant about using our minds, yeah that makes sense now. I will check out the links on quantum computing, see I had never really heard much of anything about it at all so I was surprised sort of by the alternate dimensions thing.

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