I'm not debating whether God is real or not. I'm just providing possibilities for both theories. So no worries about religious debate from my end... *grumble about people fearing to say the word "God" in a serious manner*

Secular theory = Basically Atheism, universe was born by a big bang or other means.

Whatever they're talking about in quantom computing is not what I'm talking about. There's a confusion of definition there. What I'm talking about is other "dimensions" (by the most widely accepted meaning) where life forms are communicating and going about their business invisible to us.

Let a man state his opinion without having to defend something which can not be proved or disproved.

"one theory of time that I've always like is..."

There's what I'm talking about. I'm not saying other people are WRONG with their concept of time travel - I just like this one the most - made the most sense in my mind to how the way things work from my angle.

So gosh darnit - I believe you can't time travel unless some supernatural being like GOD (fear dat word! A sermon must be coming on!), which some people believe in, is out there to cause it.
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