I just finished reading some of the links on quantum computing that were in this thread and one of the 100s I found on google.

If you want a good explination of quantum computer, I found this to explain it well, and simply enough for me to still understand


There are articles like hosted by almost every major university out there. I like this one becuase it is cross referenced well.

From what I understand, quantum computing could have to do with parralle universes, then again it may not. It is all based on superposition, where a qubit( quantum bit) is no longer restrained to just 1 or 0, but could be 1 and 0 at the same time. It's easier to understand if you follow the experiment given in the article. Depending on what quantum theory you believe this could be acheived in various ways, however the multible universe theory is the most widely excepted from what I have read so far.

Here are a few more good links