3000? i did a huge project on auschwitz not too long ago, i had over 30 sources and they all said 1.6 million people killed at aushwitz. that includes german sources, and even pro-hitler sources. somehow i doubt they would be trying to make him look worse than he was. and hitler did kill his people, thats what the holocaust was about. killing off all the jews in germany, and anyone who disagreed with him.

and i never said anything about blaming our personal problems on the government. but here in canada, the government is horrible. we dont have *any* free votes, its the parliament that decides who elects the prime minister, and the prime minister controls parliament. and i have gone to protests here, and you think they just let us? hell no. we get the shit kicked outta us by cops. some great freedom of expression there. and in case you havnt noticed all the pro-american rednecks and jocks who'll shoot you if you say anything bad about america. its because bush has pretty much said that if you badmouth america, your pro-terrorist. "your either with us, or with the terrorists" so if you dont like the government your a terrorist? and i never said we have completely lost those rights, but they are slowly being taken away. Bush is already greatly restricting freedom of information, which is fairly obvious if you look at all his new policies and proposed laws.

and you really think we're free? a few months ago i had a tri-hawk, and a cop interrogated me because i looked suspicious. i was just standing there talking to a friend and he came up to me and threw me into a wall, frisked me, took my jacket because it had an anarchy sign on it, told me how people like me should be shot, while his partner was trying to get my friend to tell them any illegal things i do? shit like that makes me blame the government, and makes me hate them. that may not be the worst oppression, but that doesnt mean it isnt oppression. and they do that all the time! i have a lot of punk friends in New York, and they get beat up by cops almost regularly. once in a while they might be caught with a joint, or loitering, but apart from that they arnt doing anything illegal. protests especially, almost always police brutality there.

the only reason i can get away with what i'm saying is anonymity. the reason people like jello biafra and noam chomsky sort of get away with it, is because they're famous. and i say sort of, because they are forced into an underground culture. they are both amazing writers, but rarely get any kind of spotlight because they are so controversial. you dont think theres much oppression going on in north america? read some of noam chomsky's books.