well windead, i'm sorry that you had incorrect info in your project! i'm sure during your research you stumbled upon a man named Rudolph Hoss. if you don't remember who he is, he was the former Auschwitz commanding officer. He was in charge of it all there. Well, in 1946 the US submitted his "confession" to the Nuremberg trial. Turns out, that about 5 British officers who captured him, tortured him until he finally said he'd confess. He later said that he would have confessed to anything to stop the torture. An investigation was held, and turned out that what he said was true. He was tortured to the point where he finally did sign the confession without even reading it. He just got a pen and signed his name.

furthermore, if you look at aerial photos taken of the Auschwitz prisons, you can see that there are NO piles of dead bodies, nothing like that at all. Also, photos taken inside the camps "gas chambers" proove that there is NO way that those could have been used as a gas chamber at all. there was no way to filter out the gas after they supposedly gassed people. now, you'd have to have a way to filter out so that the people that went in after the 'gassings' could collect those dead bodies and not be killed by the gas as well. it would take at least 3 days for the gas to naturally dissapte. also, the room was so small that they couldn't have fit the 'hundreds of jews' in there. they could about 75 at the most. Many of the survivors from Auschwitz also said that they had never seen any evidence of mass killings and that they were treated pretty well there. Sure, some people died, but that's when Typhus was running rampid. Hitler ordered a seperate camp built to house those who were sick with it so that they couldn't spread it to the healthy people. It was known as Auschwitz IV. That is were the majority of people died, and that was because of they were very ill.

It has been proven by many people that there was nothing to suggest that Hitler or anyone associated with him had concocted some scheme to kill people in mass quantities. Hitler was very meticulous about accounting for every penny he spent. He had very detailed records kept. When those were attained, there was never anything to suggest that he had instituted some huge "killing camp" at all. No, even when all of his secret documents were seized, those never spoke of any mass killings either.

So you see, it was not Hitler's intent to kill millions of people. The day that a person arrived in any of his prisons, they were immediatly checked by the docter. If they were ill, they were sent to the hospital to get better. Many of them did! He did not make the sick people work at his prisons either. He only made the healthy people work. He even ordered that there be football (soccer) fields built so the prisoners had something recreational to do. Wow, really sounds like a man intent on slaughtering millions huh? No. There is NO evidence to coincide with that story and it has been rejected by the top historians and Holocuast researchers.

oh, and just so you know, Auschwitz wasn't in Germany. It was in Poland. All of those so called "death camps" you hear about are located in Poland. Oh, and if you've heard of Wolzek, too bad. There was NEVER any camp or prison ever named Wolzek. It was made up.
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