That article was a good read, but I disagree with him a little. He talks about economy, how we should spend less instead of more, like the only reason to spend more is your morals. But, he says the RIAA should make less, like it's their moral obligation. Not that those fuckers deserve any more money, I'm just saying. I think 1.40 is too low, but the price of CDs is too high. I know the artist gets very little of my cash when I buy their CD, but like someone said: at least it keeps em making music.

I do still buy CDs, but I also think the RIAA takes it in the ass. How about someone makes a program to save a save a short mp3 of someone saying "Fuck the RIAA" over and over again, as Fuck the RIAA0001.mp3? Let's say, 4000 times. Then, we put them in our shared directory and turn sharing on. Maybe it will attract their attention and piss them off and we'll all be sued....nevermind.