Ok... I woke up at like 10:00pm last night, I thought I heard someone calling so I called my voice mail to check who called. Call #1 was from "Special Agent Michael Gordon" from the New Orleans FBI Justice Department. The number he called from was verified at this, hell I even called him back this morning and left a message of my own.

Now, I haven't done anything illegal, I only know one person in Louisiana who is coincidentally in New Orleans. I seem to think if I was in trouble that the Portland location of the FBI office would bust my door in.

Now, wtf do they want? lol... I get to sit here all day waiting for a fed to call me so I can figure out what in the hell is going on!

As for the person that I know in New Orleans, I haven't even heard from him in a year, possibly longer. Thank god I don't get to know people that much, just kind of curious how the fed got my number and name, real ones at that...
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