I see the UGN Security top poster thread here an I had an idea. why don't we measure the post by quality instead of by quantity. have some kind of point system and allow moderator and admin to give a point to somebody when they notice a good informational post, a really helpfull answer, and when somebody has an idea for improving the board. you could have some kind of awards for a certain number of points, like access to vip forums, or a custom title, UGN Security email address, irc privledges, and other stuff which wouldn't cost Gizmo any money This would encourage better posts and more activity on the board, while at the same time honoring those who actually help and not those who have the highest number of posts. This is just an idea, it would seen kinda cool to do it. I noticed that we already have somethin like this but it's not being used. I know it wouldn't be too hard to implement and it could help the board out a lot. maybe more people would start writing articles about stuff they know, post code on the board, and try to improve it overall. This board only exists because of it's user and it would be nice to involve everybody in the process of improving UGN Security.