Me being previously quoted as hoping people die. Let me correct that, I hope Americans die. Now, I apologize to everyone who knows a soldier, they can live, kk.

However, I view America as the evil police here. Mind our own fucking business. And hmmm, what happens if we go in there and lose 150 ppl like last time... we have absolutely no problem going into other countries if they have something we want or don't agree with.

YOu think it would have been as easy for bush to goto war with IRAQ if we have lost atleast a few 1000 last time??? Hell no.

So I say I hope we don't go in and whoop there ass. I hope we go in and it is long and drawn out and we get whooped too. Win or Lose, we will have a different mentality.. Be taken down a notch.

Sure you say, oh, what about if that happening, means N Korea attacks us. Well, we knew NKorea was a bigger threat before we even started this, so I wouldn't feel bad.

Call it unamerican, Call it inhumane, I don't fucking care. All I want is American to get knocked on there ass, so we stop going into countries and inflicting death, our morals, our religion, and placing puppets there who will later commit atrocities and result in us going back in again.

Stop the GREAT HYPOCRISY, stop the US.