cold sunn.. i think i have a problem with everything you said in that last post of yours. ok.. first off.. takes too much time/energy/money to find alternative sources for oil. iraq already has a smooth operation set up. we aren't that fucking stupid. would we rather take years developing sites in other countries or just take it from a country that already has it figured out? duhhh.. the second one. and sure, it may be selfish. but wtf? that's the US for you.

next: North Korea being more of a threat to Russia and China? umm... are you really that dumb or just pretending? i hope you're just faking it. cuz North Korea wants nothing more than to see the US crushed.
North Korea says it is preparing for total war with the United States and has threatened a pre-emptive strike if Washington sends extra forces to the region.
uhh.. that's what i thought! here's the link to the entire story if you want it:
Kim Jong (leader of North Korea in case you don't know) said that he considered the US going to war with Iraq as a terrorist attack on N.Korea. yeah.. i don't know how he reasoned that away to himself either. but he that's his stand on the whole issue.

next: the US aren't being the 'evil police'? c'mon. that's what the US is known for! sticking their noses into everyone's business and killing people in the meantime. this whole iraq situation deals with just the oil. that is why we're doing it now. because this Bush actually has the balls and a decent cover story in order to go to war just for oil. i just wish he'd admit it. but anyone with half a brain could figure out that one.
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