I wouldn't call us the evil police. If we didn't do anything, any kind of police action ever... Imagine what the world would be... Everyone would be at peace... Communism would reign all, genocide would spread... The population would mos def decrease, especially the small countries people want to test nukes on. Nothing isn't perfect... In around the 20s/30s Barsalona had a utopia then... It was run through ways of Anarchy... If only life could be like that... True i guess, but it lasted no more then 10 yrs.. It fell apart hard.... Militaries are puppets... The people in militarys aren't bad... The puppet masters is who we need to fear... (entertainers... Politicans). I won't say this war is bad but I won't say it's the best idea either... I don't think anyone here has a wrong or dumb answers because this all through how you feel. We is the borg when you need em
"The ghost... Was never there and you'll never see me"