hkzknight: hahaha. wars fought with naked models... nice idea. i'm sure all you guy folk would love that. me.. not so much. it be super easy for me to shoot 'em. muahahaha. then i'd steal their shoes. (porn stars and super models have great shoes. and even though you said they'd be naked, they would still be wearing their shoes.)

ohfuk: agreed. the war is for oil. and yes, it will be great when the US controls it just because then i won't have to pay out my ass just to fill my car up. yay! but ya know what... with all that blood we're spilling to get the oil, we should just have a little fun with it and mix it in with the oil. so not only will we be driving around burning up gas, we're burning the blood of people we don't even know! muhahahaha. wow... i guess that's kind of sick. but that's me
"when you look around, you can't tell me honestly you're happy with what you see"