They told me that at the end of the second week of the siege the US troops swept through the Jolan.
Ummm, I was in the service. So you mean to tell me for 2 weeks these marines were runing wild killing at will, women and children. Bullshit. I sadly can see a day of fighting going really bad. I can see women and children getting shot in a day. But 2 weeks...

Take your internet flim flam and go the fuck on. Probably an e-mail chain letter you belived and decided to post here.

There is a chain of command in the US service. The Platoon has a first line officer, he then reports to an officer(in combat you can bet on the hour). That 2nd level then makes hourly reports to his commander and on it goes.

This would not have went on this long. It just dose not happen that way. But if you belive this horse shit, I have a bridge I will sell you. Or maybe you would like to know where the anti christ is right now. I will tell ya for a fee.
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