Originally posted by j:
yea, i know this is a double post.
For crying outloud, edit the first post! Man you don't listen well...
Originally posted by Gizmo:
Just to let you know Inf, after half an hour users cannot edit posts; yeh I know EndGame was within this 30 minute period, but just letting you know.

EndGame, if the 30 minute period hasn't expired, and you're posting to a standard thread (not a news article or review) please edit your previous post rather than spamming to get your postcount up.
i know about being able to edit your posts giz/j.
in fact id say most of my non-news posts have been edited time and time again by myself.

the wierd thing is, it seems my computer is quite fickle when it comes to allowing me to edit my posts.

Originally posted by EndGame:
yea, i know this is a double post.
but this shit is weird!

i swear, previous to the above post i could see Imaruki's sig and he had this shaun.pcgeek[at]gmail email with the Gmail logo and the lot.

now, however, i can see the yahoo sig giz is talking about.

anyone else had that problem?
perhaps the sig refreshed or something?

im at a loss.

iv just edited this post and i can see the gmail sig again!
iv saved the sig in bitmap format. i just emailed it to u giz.
if you read this post, ul see i was able to edit this post after i saw the yahoo sig.
what u cant see however, is that i DID try to incorporate this post in the one preceeding it.
i was given the msg that the time to edit my post has elapsed.
funnily enough tho, i was able to edit THIS post as u can read towards the end of the post: iv just edited this post and i can see the gmail sig again!

i dont know why this is happening, but iv reported it on the 'Bugs' board now.
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