Yeah the host file thing is awesome.

BlackSpider- No offense, but I think you are a fucking idiot. If people have their speakers on then usually it is for a reason. And I am guessing he listens to music most of the time, or enjoys the sounds and background music of websites and video. You aren't making any points at all. Advertising is annoying as hell, and audio advertisements cross the line. You do not just accept shit like this and say you can close popups. If I email you every day, you could just delete them. Or, you could block me. But it only takes a second to delete them.

Your point that UGN Security has to advertise is beside the point. I might be wrong, but I am pretty sure isn't giving gizmo any more money for those fucking talking banners. And even so, that is still over the line.

The hosts file thing helps incredibly. Also, if you get alot of popups at the sites you go to, I suggest a pop up killer, PUK 4 was ok, but I have heard there are better ones.

Ignoring a problem does not make it go away. Solving the problem does.

Edit: added
After posting I saw there was a second page. He does listen to music. Oh and as suspected, is another way of saying "assholes."