I should flame every one of you flamers for being thick-headed. I understand him just fine and I see where he's coming from. Here's I'll explain:

Have any items that you've been looking for? Ask about it here.

Have any materials you don't need? List them here.

There's 2 ways you can look at this.

1) People who want to BUY items would go to the FOR SALE topic to get them. Also, people who want to SELL items would want to go to the WANTED section to see if anybody wants them.

However, it makes more sense Gizmo's way:

2) People who want to SELL items would go to the for SALE section. People who are looking for items, but isn't available in the FOR SALE section, would go and say they WANT them in the WANTED section.

So the descriptions are fine, but I can see why ohfuk would think they need to be switched.
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