i was wondering where people here get odd electronics parts from. i'm searching specifically for some 220 volt 16 pin resistor dips, ckn9009 momentary push-button switch, 24-pin .600 inch sockets, and a single row, 32-pin pcb mount socket. i've tried radio shack, they had crapness, then "you do it" electronics which is like radio shack, but they have lots more parts, and are not crappy...but even they dind't have what i was looking for. i was wondering if there are any websites which might have lots of parts. i've seen electronics plus and xtronics...electronics plus seems better, and have lots of stuff...but i still can't find exactly what i need. although i'm still looking, jsut to make sure i didn't miss anything there. but the parts are listed in a book i got. and lots of ppl get this book and give it good reviews. i don't see why they'd give it good reviews, if they couldn't get the parts to build the projects in it. so those ppl must be finding this stuff somewhere. what am i missing here?//
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