I was reading today and found that radio stations in America are allotted 200 khz of bandwidth (I suppose that's the term?) to send data out on, but only use about 57 khz for music. The bandwidth would allow for a lot more data to be sent. I've been thinking for a while that it would be really cool if radio stations transmitted the song and artist name along with the music, and it would show up in the receiver. So I was wondering if I could build a little system, both a transmitter and receiver, that do this. The transmitter broadcasts music, and song and artist name, and the receiver accepts it and converts it into a playable and displayable format. At this point I'm not interested in an lcd or anything, I'd really just like to have it all on my computer. Well not the transmitter and receiver hardware, of course. But I have a transmitter that's connected to my computer, and some software sends data to it which is broadcasts, and then there's a receiver hooked up to another computer with software that interprets the data. Is this feasible? What sort of stuff would I need to know to do this? I really have no clue, to be honest, so I'm countin on sinetific to provide me with a list of links