Research Packet Communications. Packet Communications is generally the act of sending data through the airwaves. Its commonly insecure since anyone can snag the files if they know how.

That is possible for you to do, extremely actually, but I reccommend that you do research on differant bands.

It is illegal for an amateur to broadcast for public pourposes. It is also illegal to broadcast for more than 15 minutes without broadcasting a callsign (in amateur radio bands).

With Amateur Communications you can plug a "Packet Device" to your serial port on yoru computer and then plug it into a Ham Radio and then start your ish with whatever software you wish to use.

It is definately feasable although it'd be quite insecure. Don't think about encrypting the signals either, once again, it is illegal to encode messages.

It is quite easy though, you should get an amateur radio license and get some books on it, things fall together with what you're doing for basic stuff lol...
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