Take it easy on ole ohfuk... I'm not one to usally stand up for peeps, but he is new to the board involved in a political debate. Hell of a way to start. Cut him some slack.


/me snickers at what Learner said
Yea SR the Israelie army is no joke. They use women as snipers because thier breathing is better than most men. Pretty hardcore. However there was no Israel till after WWII.

This is all my interperutation here...

See all the white people felt bad for all the dead jews. So they said hey, lets give them something. Alright all you arab people get off this land. This belongs to the Jews. Yea yea yea, your holy land. Nah it's thiers now.

See people tend to get the ass when you boot them off thier land. But boot them off thier holy land... I guess they figured it worked with american indians... Anyway

There never was an Israel befor WWII. Well there was but many centuries ago. Now add to that white boys keep going over there to "keep the peace".

People these people have fought for generations. This is what they do.

Check it out, Many U.S. Generals after any major war get depressed. Why? Because that is how they feel useful. Now imagine many nations with this mentality. Don't belive me? Rent the Movie Patton. Read up on any WWII General. Few went on to polotics. Many died soon after the war.

BinLaden knows war. That is it. He has learned studyed and planed war all of his adult life. Same with many of his followers.

He might even think he wants peace. But he will allwas find conflict.

Sadam Husien is a sick twisted fuck.

He used to torture his kids. Starve them, force them to watch torture movies. Force them to beat prisoners to death. They grew up to be well rounded people right? They are generals in his army.

Sadam was train by the U.S. Aint that a kick in the pants. Stingers are manufactured by the U.S. arms companies. Iraq has plenty of them. The fact of the matter is... We made a mess over there. It is time to clean it up.

Life isn't allways fair to everyone. Sadam's kids need to die so they do not come into power. Sadam needs to Die at the hands of his own people. (Or it needs to look that way)

These are the nasty details that happen that keep you safe at your home with mommy and daddy. There are ugly things in the world that our government must do to stay on top. Now do you want to stay on top? Or do you want to be a bleeding heart liberal and go to Iraq and tell them how much you understand?

Fuck them! If you don't like it... Don't watch the news. That is the way of the world. Our nation is on top in power and strength. To not kick ass after 9/11 weakens that power and strength.

Think of the world and it's leaders like the kids on the playground. Let the bully beat you up what happens? It spreads till no one respects you. Childish? Yup, but that is how it works. Read up on Regan and how many countries fucked with him and what happened to them. Read up on the terrorist prisoners held captive till the day he was elected.

Power and firmness speeks volumes about how the worl treats your nation.