OK. Trying to recollect what I know

US knows that we need to crush IRAN before they can take over the oil-producing countries that are with us.

We give IRAQ large amounts of ammo, helicopters, etc.

IRAQ also "just happens" to request biochemical samples such as sarin, anthrax, etc. (Pretty much the ones bush listed that we KNOW they have). The US gave these to IRAQ w/o questions.

We also provided IRAQ with satellite photos of IRAN that would show exactly where the troops were.

These helicopters supposedly given to fight the war, were also used to gas thousands of Kurds. The US attempted to blame this on IRAN, until it was revealed our satellites also took images of IRAQ doing it.

So we see that the US gave Saddam the power, the weaponry, the biochemical weapons, and accepted terrorism b/c they did not want to lose a precious oil location.

So I think the whole terrorism slant to this is bullshit. The US performs terrorism all the time, and they have accepted a great many countries that have done it also.

We are attacking IRAQ b/c Bush has to do what his daddy didn't. Also, I think by the time "we" (Bush) are done, the Middle East will have even more corrupt leaders and instability.

Why? Just like with Bin Laden, the US will look for someone that can serve our needs and not the needs of the people. We don't care how unjust a ruler might be, as long as he can be bought by us.

Oh yeah, IRAQ also caught previous UN weapon inspectors @ restricted places, and later discovered the US had actually planted spy's as UN inspectors. The source for this was 2 previous IRAQ UN inspectors