US also trained, and financed Bin Laden during the Russian opcupation of Afganistan. It's kinda funny that we got to these countrys to fight them for being "terrorists" and we see our weapons aimed at us. Also I find it odd that Bush had planed on removing the Afganistan government before 9/11 for political friendly enviroment for the oil pipe line he is now building through Afganistan to avoid IRAN.

I would love to know why 3,000 jewish workers did not go to work in the WTC on 9/11. I also want to know why no one can truely confirm who the terrorists were in the planes.

So now we fight another musslim nation. A "terrorist state". We empowered Sadam to the position he is in now. As jonconley said above, we gave them all the weapons and training that we are now saying he is using for evil.

I don't trust the Bush administration for a second anymore. Did you know Ashcroft had a commercial flight the day of 9/11, but last minute changed it to a more expensive private commuter flight?

I know paranioa runs rampant on the net.... But honestly people... I smell smoke. Lets look at things shall we,

early on in the bush administration they decided they wanted to run an oil pipe through afganistan. But realised the government in power then would tell them to get bent. They decided they would have to over throw the government. Before 9/11 think anyone would have let that happen? After 9/11 Bush never mentioned he already had planed to do this. Now he addmits it? 9/11 seems like a political god send dosen't it?

fast forward to 9/11. Ashcroft has a flight that day. Lst minute he pay much more money to change to a private commuter flight. First people rounded up cheering as the WTC fell were Isrealies. Later found to be Spy's for the Isrealie government. Fox and CNN ran the story only to pull it later due to the government classifying the info.

FBI, CIA, NSA get loads of power and no longer have to ask to spy on ANYONE. Bush gets to finish daddys work. And now we are building that pipe line.

For such a tragedy many are coming out well.