Okay after playing this game straight for about a week now, I have completed 5% of the game. A few things.

1.) The having to eat thing is okay, kind of sucks after a while.

2.) Takes a bit longer to build up money from previous releases

3.) Pimping is fun, but not easy

4.) Working out(lifting weights) is important

5.) The being able to buy clothes and get new hairstyles is pointless. it dose not help evade police. I have yet to come across a need to buy clothes accept once.

I have not opened but 1/4 of the map still. I managed to sneak into an un-opened portion of the map. I got 4 wanted starts as soon as I set foot on the new soil. I made it all the way north before the police killed me. I have completed 11 main missions and at least half a dozen little things here and there. I have yet to see a rampage, the stars to rid you of wanted levels are few and far between this version.
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