People... The U.S. has not been at war since the Korean War. That is a fact. Congress has to vote to decalre a war. So you say what about Vietnam, Desert Storm, Bosnia, Afganistan,

All police acts.

What am I getting at? Rules do not apply in acts of war people. If they want to draft. They will just write a new law. If they want a war, but can't call it war.. They write a new law saying we can do this if these actions apply, then it isn't a war, it is a police action.

In the 60's they didn't take collage students... But who is to say they will not now? Wana know if you are at risk...

Lets see

If you are a male between 18 to 35 you are at risk.

That is it people. That is all they need. Live bodies to fire, attack and hold ground by force.

You will allways need a foot soldier. Bombs do not reach far into caves. Nor can they look for man made tunnles. They take out main guns(you hope) and air defense, then either


in thier troops and supplies. As much that changes on a battle field there will allways be a need for troops. They guard airfields, Fule supplies, Hold key land, sight targets, supply allies, and can with pin point accruacey take out the enemy. Bombs are a bult tool

Soldiers are your fine toothed comb.