Compaq Presario 700us 15" xga lcd.
same laptop, 256ram, modem card(both slide in after unscrewed bottom panels. Battery, keeps a damn full good charge. Ac adapter, 20gig 2.5inch hard drive. Gateway Solo 4150. fully equipped with 400mhz/128 ram, only missing it's 9 gig laptop hard drive. includes power. cracked case that's super glued, but causes nothing wrong to have that crack. It's to the right of the touch pad, and it's just plastic. A replacement base plastic case is like under $50 from what I've found through ebay sometimes.....

Though..the gateway 4150 does not start. I do not know why. it turns on, maybe it's a power problems, who knows, it stopped turning on normally about 2 weeks ago. So I ganked the hard drive for my dad's use so everything else is just sitting at home. Where I'll be in two days roughly.

A keyboard for that presario 700us, the touch pad mouse.

I believe that is it. Make offers, if any are wanted. I doubt that. But I post anyway, and this will go to ebay after a week or two+ if no one wants anything.

<3 -weeve
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