I have a packard bell Pentuim 1 system with a 1 gig HD monitor and speakers. $50

Spare case with some hardware inside. Some good some fryed. $15

Upgrading and repairing PC's book
Author Scott Mueller
isbn 0-7897-2303-4
Printed Sept 2000
Originally paid $65
sell for $20

intro to berkly Unix
ISBN 0-534-08862-7
Copyright 1988
Author Paul Wang
Still very useful!!
Sell for $15

The Sybase SQL Server Survival Guide
Authors Jim Panttaja, Mary Panttaja, and Judy Bowman
isbn 0-471-12745-0
Copyright 1996.
If you mess with sybase at all this is a good book!!
sell for $15

A+ Certification for Dummies
isbn 0-7645-0812-1
Author Ron Gilster
A+ certify Demo and more on CD in back of book.
Sell for $20

Learn Visual C++ Now
Author Mark Andrews
Includes a complete working version of Microsoft C++ 1.0
copyright 1996
sell for $20

Sendmail 2nd edition
Author Bryan Costales with Eric Allman
Publisher O'Reilly & Associates, Inc
isbn 1-56592-222-0
Copyright 1997

Developing Client/Server Systems Using Sybase SQL Server System 11
Author Sanjiv Purba
isbn 0-471-15338-9
copyright 1996
Still very useful Sybsae is like a much better MySQL.
Sell for $10 (book is in fair shape)

Introducing UNIX system V
Author Rachel Morgan & Henry McGilton
isbn 0-07-043152-3
copyright 1987
condition - perfect
still very useful.
sell for $20
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