OK Drives. I have four hard drives not sure about 3 of them they bolth suck tho you won't want them. One thats a like 2 gig pretty crappy, i also have four 3 1/2 in floppy drives, and an old cassette drive, 2 older mother boards one is an intel i486 sx board and the other is like an older intel also but like from 1985, a dell procesor not the chip kind but the one that stands upright, and i have a intel p1 processor chip and mother board, 1 cd Rom drive, 11 ram chips for like the older version MB's, 1 DSL/Cable/Game link modem, 4 dial up modems not sure of speed dont look to fast tho, 1 DSL/game link modem, 1 dial-up/dsl modem, 1 game link chip or something, 1 dsl modem, 7 video cards not sure on those either like size or whatever. 1 video/something else card, 1 94 creative Tech sound card that has 2 slots for the older ram sticks, 1 creative sound blaster 16 value card, 2 unopened Dual ball bearing red and blue led crytal case fans, 2 daughter boards 1 dell and one ibm, there is also like 7 or 8 other chips that i cant tel what they are.
I also have like 2 or 3 hundred dollars in computer books about java and cobal and C++ and other things like that. One of them is the java script bible and another is the corba little black book and lots of others.
I dont have a clue on how much all this will cost for shipping i dont know if ill be able to pay for it. Lots of stuff here, need other working parts for a comp im building.
I think that is all of it and sorry for this being so long and for any spelling errors bit tired, but thats what you wanted the details ok Thanks for any help.
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