Ok the bible is the 3rd edition and its pretty new, the hard drive is a caviar 22100 at compatible intelligent drive 4092 Cylinder 16 heads 63 spt and 2111.0 Mb, the dsl's are: 1. HP Ether twist PC link not sure of speed if tere is any, 2. like dsl game link combo ad i can figure out what the info is cans see it, 3. is a DSL cable game link combo and the info that i can see is that its made by AT/LANTIC don't know what that is
i don't know what i want i just need something to make my come work maby you know whats wrong
it starts up and says searching for SD or SV Ram or something then say its ok but sometimes it freezes and hen after that it searches for a hard drive and doesn't find one but one is hooked up i will give you the bible and the hard drive and the dsl's if you can tell me what wrong and send me the stuff to fix it. Thanks.
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