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The Blue Knowwhere (i think how thats spelt)
It was an interesting book about a hacker
The Blue Nowhere - Jefferey Deaver (may remember him from The Bone Collector)
awesome book. all about a white hat hacker and cracker who... mmm, maybe il try this out in the review section.

Also, Dean Koontz wrote a Book called Fear Nothing. The sequel to this was Seize the Night. There was supposed to be a sequel to Seize the Night (these three books were known as the Christopher Snow Trilogy)
However, this was about 3 years ago.
Iv searched online in vain for word of the third unknown book. Dean Koontz has, of course, published many books since Seize the Night so i was just wondering if anyone on the boards knew or heard of him finishing the Christopher Snow Trilogy.
(the books fall under the science fiction genre)
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