first of all yes i am planning on posting here again.
second, i AM a mechanic so the motor question goes unreplied.
third, i hack sattelite systems ussually and then figured if you can use an iso programmer to program a smart card you can probably program any eeprom (which is what holds your mileage in memory)
fourth i am (thanks to my uncle) a part time locksmith so can be very helpful with certain questions. which is why i plan on posting again!
and lastly the reason i didn't say what kind of chip how it connects to car etc. is because they r all BASICLY the same,there r products out there to "recalibrate" your odometer it is just that most of the ones i have found are all way over 3000.00 which is way to much money for what could in a way be considered a freak.(i know it aint the phone but you get the idea) and i also know that anyone who could help with what i was looking for would have known model doesn't really matter!!
if someone asked about sattelites you tell them this and that for dtv or such and such for dish/bev.
this is basicly the same thing use such and such and for certain model add a certain jumper!!
cry havoc!!!!!! and let loose the dogs of war!