well yes (and dont take this as a flame but that is a very simplistic way to put it) and no!!

as a said in a previouse post all depends on the brand of lock !!!

if it is a sargent forget about it they mostly use mushroom pins ..which means they have a fake shear line and a novice will never get them to line up..
electric picks r somewhat better on old locks no matter the brand the older and the more wear it has the better!! i have got old sargents to open with an electric pick faster then a new 5.00 taiwan job. but if u r new electric is what u should try..

shlage locks r the easiest to pick cause all you need is a blank schlage 6 pin key blank cut to the lowest depth all the way along then there is a little trick u do and boom it opens like a 5 dollar whore!!

and to everyone trying to help out thanks!!
as far as illegal goes wwwweeeeeellllllllll
have you guys looked at the site?
cry havoc!!!!!! and let loose the dogs of war!