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of Worm called Slammer, any1 have it?
And, if any1 has, a DDoS Example Source Code...


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quote:Originally posted by Gizmo:
proggy? pardon? It sais "You are not elite." kiddo, study up.

u is not proper for you.

no, it came from trial and error, from discovery of sorts, then after a while of studying and testing things come together.

And virus coding is lame as hell, if you're going to bring that here you're not welcome. Well i ain't, for now [Razz] I said that i am a total n00b...

Ok so: What proggram did you used to get

** deleted for anoyance factor lots of 1's and 0's**
** Learner **

Trial and Error is something or (notes: no 's' on end of that word)

In conclusion: No books, no Dudes - Just you and your computer.

*Just a impression: You kick ass - for now
Didn't take you long to get into viruses did it? Check it out. If you want to learn to hack, or you want to get any respect around here you are headed down the wrong path. Trust me when I say I am not flaming you.... Yet....

Start out learning something productive not destructive. The path you are on now

1.) leads to jail
2.) Leads to other peopls work
3.) offers little to learn
4.) makes you a joke in here

Wana know where to start? Pick a language and master it. It dosen't have to be C or C++ it can even be HTML. One thing will lead you to another in Computers.

Get a unix OS and master it. Hell learn your language on it.

Study compression or encryption maybe. But DDoS (probably using a trojan someone else wrote) or using worms and viruses to mess with people will not get you what you want. Most of the time I would write a huge flame for such posts but I feel nice today.