Originally posted by pergesu:
Does this shit run faster now?
Yes, less bulky code to load, I nuked our old stats logger as we use one that uses the apache log files... Additionally I took and made sure everything was 100% XHTML valid which required much much anal retentive coding as well...

We also have full access to Zend Optimizer throgh th server which will render all PHP pages faster from the server than if it where a standard html page.

One large thing that I'm proud of is that all pages loaded snag the outlook from other sections; mainly so it's easier to maintain as to make one update is to make a global update to the entire site.

V4.1 will include the store being integrated; in fact it's what I'm currently working on; I'm wanting to have all site sections combined onto the main URL vs using a subdomain as it'll increase traffic.

For all old subdomains I've added a 301 redirect to point to the new location via the index, however I can't help but think that I've missed something somewhere...

Originally posted by pergesu:
Congrats on getting all this done, and thanks for the hard work.
Not a problem, I figured that I owed it to everyone due to having the bastardised layout for so long, nothing has been right since I first moved the site to a host which didn't have ASP support (as the original design was ASP).
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