I'd like to extend a quick thankyou to everyone who's taken time out of their busy schedual to click a few of the Google Adsense links that they've found of interest; thanks to you we're able to stay open.

UGN Security's only means of support are donations and the google adsense bar, by all means if something listed on the Adsense bar looks of interest go ahead and click it. We get a small (anywhere from $0.05 - $0.50) for every unique click to the banners.

The Google Adsense bar shows at the top and bottom of every post/forum/page on the bulletin board, and at the top of the main site.

So to all of you who have done your part and clicked a link or two we thank you... We've been able to pay for a 10 year registration on the domains as well as paid off the bulletin board upgrade (gold license for the life of infopop's bulletin board software). Additionally we've been able to pay for bw for various projects.
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