Thanks to the UGN Security Member Highlander's very generous donation of $370, the UGN Security BBS license has been updated to UBB.Classic Gold. This means that we now have lifetime access to upgrades and 10 support units! This means as the code grows so does the board...

Note though that the BBS upgrade was only one hurtle that we had to overcome, possibly the greatest. We still have other licenses that we've been wanting to get for other portions of the site, plus some coding that we need to have done, and bandwidth for portions of the site.

Thank you for all of you who have donated this month, I'm proud to know each of you who've donated even $10 to help, it's all very appreciated.

For those of you who are thinking about donating, we will accept cash/check/money order and hardware donations. We accept credit and bank card orders through paypal.

Thank you,
UGN Security Administration
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