I'm sending a mailing out to all board members this afternoon (specifically those who haven't posted in a while, if ever). The purpose of this email is to validate working email addresses of user accounts (which must be valid).

If your email account is invalid your BBS username will be disabled until you either email me through the contact us page or talk to me on the IRC. The other admin's are instructed not to deal with user accounts on this matter.

If you wish to not get mailings from the bulletin board, you may turn the option off in your profile. Please note however that if you do disable this option you will not get site notices on other issues (downtime, new sections of the site, etc).

To get your account re-instated we REQUIRE a working email address on your account. We will generate a new password on your account and update your email address so that you can request a new password after you contact us.

Note that banned accounts will be purged after 2 months of no response. We take the lack of response that you don't wish to be here and we will be removing your information to save on server space.

If you have any questions please feel free to post on the Bulletin Board.
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