When setting up every part of the new system here in the past years we were hoping for a site which could support itself. Yet when we look back at the amount that we've had to spend on site licenses, updates, hosting, etc. we are far from reaching this...

In order for us to make updates and have full time staff requires the funds to at least break even; we're not out to make a proffit, we're just out to make a place for everyone, not a hole in a wallet as we have been lately.

If every member of UGN Security donated even $5 per year we'd have $9480 which would cover every part of our bandwidth requirements, servers, events, licenses, etc.

We're not asking you to pay us to visit, we're asking that if you appreciate the site to make a small $10 donation when you can so we can stay around... The store and banners on the site don't bring in even $50 a year, which won't even cover an extension of the BBS software's license.

We accept paypal donations to Gizmo[at]undergroundnews[dot]com or mailed donations of hardware/software/cash to:

James Corthell
C/O UGN Security
11705 SE 63RD Ave Suite 2
Milwaukie, OR 97222

Thank you for your ear, your traffic, and your assictance,
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