Here I will outline what modifications have been made to the Stock code of the bulletin board. I will make a new post for each version of the board that we are using as they tend to change.

Modifications are as follows:
Cosmetic Links - Links on the top right of the board are made from links to graphics.

Category Minimization - Functionality for users of the board to minimize categories that they do not use.

Moderator Ban from CP - Moderators have been able to login and change details about the forums they moderate; this has been eradicated. If I want a change I'll make it myself thank you very much!

Hyper Cells - When you hover over the topic or latest post cells they turn to the alternative cell color, when you move off of them they change back.

Quick Quote - When Quick Reply was introduced to the Stock Code, InfoPop deemed that Quick Quote would be left out due to page size issues. Quick Quote can be added by any admin who has the time to scroll through my release for the 6.5+ code.

Mega Moderators - The ability to have "Super Users", moderators with near admin capability.

Statistics - Board Statistics, see the bottom of the bulletin board. Statistics just give out general board information.

IP Logging Reversal - Admin view of the bulletin board allows ip address viewing of users, this mod allows the admin viewing of the ip to reverse the ip address and return a hostname, which is useful for seeing if a web spider is browsing the boards.

Adjustments - We removed the un-needed spaces in New Topic Post Poll Post Reply for the cosmetic option mentioned above. Also, we took out the |'s that seperated all links.

Calendar - A calendar function was added to the boards to view birthdates and other useful dates. Note that when it's a users birthday there will be a birthday cake next to their name.

Half Censor - Now when you type a censored word (we don't have any presantly) the censor option will only * out the data inbetween the first and last letter. Original code would * out every letter, which can sometimes totally destroy what a user is saying.

Long URL Trunicator - When a user types a URL of more than 50 characters the portion that you see on the page will be shortened to 50 characters, note that the URL will remain in tact with the original length of data.

Games - We have some games that are available only to registered users of the board, all are flash games.

Modification Wordlets - This modification makes it easier for, when creating or adding modifications, calling data that shows wording or links, even image locations.

Admin View of Passwords - This modification allows admin's to view passwords in 6.7. In 6.7 Infopop removed the ability for admin's to view passwords, and I get loads of requests for passwords to be retrieved and don't feel like loading FTP every 2 seconds.

Shoutbox - Not in use yet, not even sure if it will be. The shoutbox will be a small area for you to make a random "guest book" comment, there is a max of 10 comments shown, will be shown in an iframe for size issues.

Change PDN from CP - Admin's can change the Publicly Displayed Names from the control panel. In prior versions we had to turn the user ability on from the control panel and then let the user set their own PDN, which also allowed anyone to update it while it was on.

Poll Beautifucation - Ok, screw being stuck with shitty looking polls, we beautified it so that it at least looks good...

Quick Transision - Make a post, see how fast it returns...

UBB Backup - Makes it easier to create archives of board information for backup pouposes.

Mod CP Addon - Makes it easier to sort and use the modifications.

Posts Don't Count - Makes it so that we can specify forums that don't count towards upping your post total when you make posts.

UBB.Thinking Clock - Makes a clock to relay the board time and you local time on the main bulletin board page.

Spell Check - Think "Spell Checker", yeh, you got it... You can now correct your own spelling mistakes on the bulletin board...

Pretty Page Indicators - See "Page 1 of x" above and below the thread you're browsing now.

SSL Support - Thanks to LK going through and hacking every other file we now have SSL support; note that there are still bugs presant for this (mainly emails sent out) and they will be worked on when we get more time.

* Removed again due to bugs *
PM Inbox System - The default view of PM's is an extremely tacky list. The PM inbox system allows users to have their own custom folders for PM's and an admin setable limit of how many PM's that they can have.

If I add anymore (which I most likely will) I'll append it to this post. If you have any board sugguestions you can feel more than welcome to respond to this post.
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